Integrated Microscopes for Esco IVF Workstations

A. Introduction

Oocyte pick-up, embryo handling and micromanipulation require various types of microscopes. Most common models of stereo zoom microscopes, transmitted light sources and inverted microscopes can be integrated into Esco IVF Workstations.

These are different types of microscopes used for various IVF applications:

  1. Upright microscope - sperm vitality tests and ova collections.
  2. Inverted microscope - use with micro-manipulator for processes such as IXCI, IMSI.
  3. Stereo microscope - ova selection, pre-treatment of ova by means of IVF techniques and for manipulation.

Esco supplies all common microscope brands and models. However, microscopes already in use and microscopes purchased separate can be installed onto Esco IVF Workstations.

If you have an existing microscope or preferred model, please contact Esco and provide us with details.

If you do not have a preferred make/model, Esco has a partnership with Nikon Japan, and will work with you to select an appropriate Nikon model to meet your requirements.

B. Esco's Solution

Esco's integrated solution includes:
  1. Provision of user specified microscope(s)
  2. Factory integration of microscope(s) with workstation
  3. For stereoscopes, provision of integrated microscope light source mounted below the workstation's work surface
  4. For all microscopes, OPTIONAL clear glass heated light stage* is available, which ensures more accurate and reliable thermal control of specimens during observation under the microscope
  5. Verification of ergonomics to ensure ease of access to the microscope eye pieces at the front of the workstation
  6. Complete factory testing to ensure workstation airflows and product protection are not compromised

* Warming Blocks must not be used on the heated glass stage. This will damage the heated glass stage.