CelMate® CO2 Incubators

CelMate® CO2 Incubators
Robust Contamination Control
CelMate features 4 contamination control systems:

  • ULPA Filtration System - chamber air is continuously filtered by an ULPA filter, with 99.999% efficiency, to keep the chamber at ISO Class 5 cleanliness. This cleanliness condition is achieved after a mere 13 minutes after closing the door of the incubator.
  • Validated Swiftcon Overnight Decontamination Cycle - evaluated by the Health Protection Agency (HPA) in UK, the 90degC moist heat decon is proven to be an effective method of deactivation of the normally resistant fungi, bacterial spore and vegetative cell. The cycle completes within 20 hours.
  • Filtered Gas Injection Lines - all gas injection lines are filtered by 0.2 micron in-line filters to remove impurities and contaminants before being injected into the chamber.
  • Exterior is Coated with Isocide™ - Esco's trademark antimicrobial powder coating eliminates surface bacteria within 24 hours of exposure.

PC Interface with Voyager
The CelMate is compatible with Voyager, Esco's PC-based software which was developed for the remote monitoring, datalogging, and programming or device configuration of Esco thermostatic products.

Voyager allows users to interface upto 16 CelMate units (or other Esco thermostatic products) to a single PC. This provides users better montoring and control of their lab equipment, ensuring their samples are safe.