Esco Downflow Booth Questionnaire

The key to a successful Esco New Equipment purchase is to have our engineers initiate the project in the right direction. This happens with the Custom Request Form or Project Questionnaire.

The questions that are asked on the form are critical aspects for all applications. You can help Esco by being prepared to answer the questions on the form. With all the information your proposal, purchase, delivery and installation of your new Esco equipment will be more timely and accurate because of the care taken to start on the right foot.

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Section I: About Your Company
Please enter your name.
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  End User/Facility Owner
  Cleanroom Builder/Contractor
  Lab Builder/Contractor
  Distributor Please choose where you work for.
Section II: Project Information
  Soap & Detergents
  Other, Specify: Please select your industry.
Please enter the name of the project.
Please enter the location of the project.
Please enter the quantity of downflow booth(s).
Please select delivery date.
Please enter the application for the downflow booth(s).
Please enter the number of personnel working in the booth.
  Operator Protection
  Product Protection
  Operator and Product Protection Please select from the following.
  50-100µgm/m3 (Standard)
  <1µgm/m3 Please select from the following exposure levels.
  Have an Approved Budget
  Preparing to Submit a Budget for Approval
  Gathering Information for Future Reference Please select from the following.
Section III: Downflow Booth Specifications Information
  Custom, Specify : Please select internal width dimension.
  Esco Standard: 2300mm
  Custom, Specify : Please select internal height dimension.
  Esco Standard: 2100mm (Containment Area: 1300mm)
  Custom: 2600mm (Containment Area: 1800mm)
  Custom, Specify : Please select internal depth dimension.
  Single Pass (Once trough) Please select airflow system.
  Powder Coated Steel
  Stainless Steel 304
  Stainless Steel 316
  Combination, Specify : Please select construction material.
  2 Stage (Fine Dust Filter and HEPA filter) Standard
  3 Stage (Fine Dust Filter, HEPA filter and secondary HEPA filter) Custom: Extra Cost will Apply Please select filtration system.
  [H] HEPA Filter (EN1822 H13 @ 0.45m/s), Standard Type
  [H] HEPA Filter (EN1822 H14 @ 0.45m/s), Custom: Extra Cost will Apply Please select supply(gel seal)/exhaust filter type.
Pre-Filter grade G4 (For heavy dust burden applications: Charging, Bulk Dispensing)
Bag-In Bag-Out Filters (Safe Change Housings)
  PLC & HMI Touch Screen, Closed Loop control (Standard). Note! Not available for ATEX 2G/2D (Zone 1/21))
  Pushbuttons & Relays, Open Loop control (optional) Please select control system.
Continuous monitoring with digital display, audible alarms and alarm messages on HMI (Standard)
Magnehelic Gauges (visual only) (Optional)
Magnehelic Gouges (visual only) + audible alarms and lamp indication (optional)
Please select monitoring system.
Downflow Velocity
Pressure across Filters(Optional)
Please select paramaters to monitor.
  3 Phase AC Fan with VFD (Standard)
 ECM (Electronically Commutated Motor, Optional) Please select blower/fan system.
  400VAC, 50Hz, 3Ph
 Other: This field is required.
  Safe Area (non_hazardous)
 Other: Please select from the following area classification.
  Internal to the Work Area
Note: access to technical area, is via removable bulkhead panels in the rear of the booth)
 External to the booth
Note: dedicated technical area to rear of the booth)
Additional electrical outlets with splash proof cover (2-off 13A supplied as standard):
Outlets and Amps (Ea).
Fixed perforated workbench:
Mobile perforated workbench:
Built-in cooling coils to offset Booth temperature rise (during continuous use)
Operator Comfort Process
℃ on temp
℃ off temp

Bulkhead cavities for Computer Equipment (keyboard etc)
Bulkhead cut outs for Computer Equipment (monitor, bar code reader)
Bulkhead cut outs for Weighing Equipment (scale indicator, platform scale cable management)
Equipment services (Specify Type: N2, Water, Compressed Air, Etc)
Network connection
Containment screen for High Containment Applications
Drum lifter
Temperature and humidity controls
Entry and exit airlocks
Please select paramaters to monitor.
  FAT Protocols
 SAT Protocols
 IQ/OQ Protocol
  Full Installation
 Installation Supervisor
(if required, we will provide proposal for travel cost and daily rate)
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