Esco Goes Green

Esco was GREEN before GREEN was popular. In 1978 Esco was created to design and produce Clean Air products for the microchip industry. One of the founding mandates was to produce these products in the most environmentally friendly way possible using the technology of the day.
Being GREEN is more than modifying products to use new energy efficient technology which Esco does. It also includes every aspect of the company.

What does Esco do to make our products more efficient and GREEN?

Esco was the first company to utilize the German made ebm-papst rotor / motor system in laminar flow products. These motors were selected for energy efficiency, compact design, and flat profile. The complete integrated system assembly optimizes motor cooling reducing energy consumption and extends the motor life.

Esco also uses high-pack, low resistant ULPA filters in our laminar flow products. The low resistance 99.999% efficient filters, combined with the ebm-papst rotor / motor systems, allows Esco to provide better reserve capacity. Better reserve capacity equals longer filter life and lower life time cost of the product.

For example the LA2-xA2 Series of Biological Safety Cabinets provide over 150% increase in pressure loss over clean filters without a speed control adjustment and 210% increase with speed control adjustment.

Lower energy demands with the ability to adjust the airflow of a product over its life extends the life of the disposable components and reduces the life time operating cost.

How will Esco continue to embrace GREEN?

Esco incorporates the latest proven technologically advanced components available. One in every four of Esco's employees is involved in Research and Development. Many of these research people are evaluating new components and/or designs for better efficiency.

All new models will use the low energy T-5 bulbs for better lighting using less energy. As new technology is available Esco redesigns this technology into our products.

All Esco companies worldwide are continually reminded to be environmentally friendly in day-to-day operations.